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thunderstorm warning in effect for culpepper and folkier county, that goes until 11:00. another strong storm just to the north of frederick. let's zoom in right around beelton, that's where the storm is right now. very heavy rain and hail out of this storm as well. we'll continue to watch that storm as it continues to form now, and look back to the north and west. back toward western maryland. into portions of western virginia, more rain and thunderstorm activity as well. what you can expect over the next couple days. will this heat last? i'll tell you about it soon. >> scorching temperatures were too much for dozens of kids who took a class trip to a baseball game in southern maryland. things have not gotten that much better for people outside tonight right now. jackie benson is in silver springs sweating, but she can hang, jackie? >> today's sweltering heat sickened about 50 children as you said, in southern maryland, two dozen had to be taken to the hospital. even from the air, the urgency of the situation was evident, hundreds of kids from different southern maryland schools were attendi
and over 100, a lot of locations just down to the south. 91 in manassas. 93 in culpepper. 91 in fredericksburg, meanwhile, look at those dewpoint temperatures, they're in again, the low to mid-70s, manassas, culpepper, charlottesville. 73 to 74 degrees, fredericksburg, virginia as high as 77. that puts us in the humid to very humid air. it is the locations down to the assuming where most of the moisture is, and a lot of that heat where storms have been firing. let's go ahead and take a look, closer inspection there. areas from faulkner county. as far south as spots like madison county. all coming east, that's where most of the lightning and the heavy rain is right now. i do expect again that as we get deeper into the late afternoon and evening hours, all this will be coming off to the east. best chance for any severe weather will be from d.c., fairfax, prince georges county on down to the south. from now until midnight, there's the cold front it will be coming through our area again overnight by early tomorrow morning. it will be east of us, we'll be into some sunshine. i thi
for the next few days. look at the 50s in manassas and culpepper, out in martinsburg and cumberland and petersburg. 69 on the bay in annapolis. culpepper, visibility down to a mile. that will only be around for another hour or so. get ready, low 90s today. mid to upper 90s tomorrow and thursday. >> thank you, howard. >> we have a car fire, a ramp close and because of that, we have the yellow light on. let's take you there out to the laurel area. westbound 198, you can't access the ramp to go southbound on 95 right now. taking a wide view of the area, other spots, they're checking out ok. if we can move it to our next graphic and show you 270, i want to show you everything is all good. we can take it outside. everyone is moving at speed from 80 down to 109 all the way to the split. back over to the graphics. this time we'll focus into the outer loop in maryland from 95 over to 270, i'm happy to report, outside, we're watching the cameras. construction we saw within the 4:00 hour, all of that has cleared out of the way. drivers, they're moving at speed. let's check on our travel times
declares the heat advisory. right now, temperatures are already into the low 90s in culpepper in frederick, leesburg, manassas at 91. barely holding into the 80s. 90 degrees in easton. you'll notice the winds keeping cambridge cooler. when you factor in the humidity levels which are still way high, a lot of the heat index values, 108. so, another dangerous afternoon to be out and the concern is the severe weather. we've got one severe thunderstorm watch been issued from williamsport northeast through albany and parts of new england until 5:00 p.m. you see the storm on the southern end. i believe when it gets closer to us, get that very hot, humid air mass. we're going to see some. the storm predictions head over northern north carolina through maine has the entire area under a slight risk of severe weather and the threat for us will be damaging wind gusts, potentially hail. it may be more isolated but whatever goes this afternoon is going to be strong. we'll have the full forecast, details for you with some nicer weather headed this way when i see you in a few minutes. j.c.? >> more than 1
that compared to theintense heat. right now, 78 degrees in downtown. gaithersburg 72 degrees. culpepper, 75. indianapolis at 76 degrees. a few clouds out, but all in all, lots of sun. dew points are in the 50s. this is why it feels so nice. no 60s and 70s. the humidity really dropping off quite a bit. that's so much more comfortable. spring is back. pleasant and dry tonight. tuesday morning a cool start. tuesday afternoon maybe some showers are possible. otherwise, wednesday is seasonable and great. so here's a futurecast. you're generally run canadian high pressure of drier and cooler air. maybe a few scattered showers are possible tomorrow afternoon and during the evening hours. they'll be scattered and no intense rainfall expected. tonight partly cloudy to clear skies, comfortable and cold. open the windows, give the a.c. a break. lows 54 to 64 degrees. you might need a jacket as you're heading out. lows tonight, around low to mid- 60s for d.c. 56 in martinsburg. culpepper 58 degrees. tuesday morning, partly cloudy and cold, maybe a light sweater if you're out in some of the suburb locat
in fredericksburg and 103 in culpepp culpepper. that's where many of us are going to be over the next couple days. i'll show you you where the light showers are in the next couple days. >> thanks, doug. >>> the group behind the dulles metro project is under review tonight. frank wolf and tom latham asked inspectors to monitor the airport authority. congress put the authority in charge of the dulles and reagan national airports under a long-term lease, that includes the commuter rail project. the group has come under fire because of the extra costs that come with building the metro station underground. >>> next and new at 5:00 tonight, one local county's forced to change its guidelines on air guns. why this move could create dangerous situations near schools and neighborhoods. >>> also, a bold new plan to keep people from lighting up. but does it cross the line? >>> you've heard of groupon and livingsocial, now there's another site to add to your list of favorites. a local woman helping you find deep s catered to children. >>> get packs are getting a new look. it won't be glamorous and it won't be co
culpepper dropped down to zero and manassas in the haze/fog mix. about a mile and a quarter. we have the risk this afternoon for severe weather which damaging wind gusts and the strong storms. angie, how is our traffic? >> no major problems to report, howard. thank you very much. that is why we keep on the green light. we take you over to our map. give you a closer look of 95 in virginia. we're tracking the northbound commute. so far, as we take you outside, we're looking at a slow go from the prince william parkway up to 123 and approaching lorton using the brakes again. back over to the real time graphic and this time, we'll move it on over to 66. seeing a lot of green cars out there. through our cameras, we're watching drivers slow down from 234 over to 28 and slow again from 50 over to 123. your travel times for you, in maryland on the outer loop, still in the green from 95 over to 270. looks like 95 headed southbound, no problems approaching the beltway. only about a nine minute drive time traveling the inner loop from route 4 pennsylvania to crossing the wilson bridge. the gw p
to the west of culpepper into orange county, that storm rather madison county, that storm as well moving off toward the east. both of those storms have the potential to produce strong winds as well as damaging hail. watch out for those storms. once again, the biggest storm we're looking at right now, falkeer county. you may experience strong winds. we'll continue to keep you updated by these storms, let you know what's coming up next. i'll have that for you in a few minutes. >>> we begin tonight in the district where a 71-year-old vietnam veteran was shot and killed in his home. it happened last night inside a high rise in southeast d.c. pat colins is live for us in the neighborhood to tell us why the victim's side job may have been the motivating factor in this murder. >> reporter: it appears this retired vet may have been killed for cigarette money. the murder victim, solomon reese, 71 years old. retired army sergeant first class. a vietnam war veteran. he survived that only to be shot and killed inside his own home on good hope road in southeast. mr. reese well known, well like
thunderstorms. today, we'll have less of that. consequently, we'll be hotter. culpepper, 64. visibility is one half-mile. cumberland at 61. low 70s in easton. mid-70s down in southern maryland as well. look at the forecast highs today. the tappahannock airport may flirt with 100 along with bwi. forecasting a high in washington, a very comfortable 98. angie goff, over to you. >>> that's going to feel great. unfortunately, we're kicking off our traffic report with the yellow light right now because as we mentioned before, we're following the fatal accident that has the inner loop ramp to river road shut down. we'll have a live report from our surae chinn coming up. meanwhile, we want to show you as promised, the roadways around the region including 95 headed northbound, a live camera for you. everybody is doing fine as they make their way out of dumfries up toward the mixing bowl. we'll skip that camera and move it on to 395. want to show you the northbound traffic as we continue on. if you're making the trip toward the 14th street bridge, nothing in your way except the on-going construction pro
-60s now from winchester and front royal down to culpepper, manassas, even up into montgomery county. above the beltway in the mid- s mid-60s. the clouds are not rainmakers. and even though you can't say 100% today nothing in the way of rain, 99% of us will be dry for today. there will be one or two little pop-up showers, maybe down into southern maryland, lower parts of the bay, but right around town, i don't think we have anything to worry about as far as rainfall chances. highs today mid-80s. if you're packing to the beach, great weather at the beach, as well. s . >>> we'll take it. thanks. >>> new from overnight, same-sex couples this new york are celebrating as their state became the sixth and largest state in the cup to allow gay marriage. new york senate passed the bill 33-29 last night and governor andrew cuomo signed it into law just before midnight fulfilling a promise to sign the bill as soon as it hit his desk. he says the bill represents more than just the ability to say "i do." >> it's really about new yorkers, our brothers and sisters looking at us and saying we want
is at 93, but look at culpepper, the heat index there, 97. their hair temperature is 90, but already feels like it is 100 degrees there. many locations in virginia, shenandoah valley, as well. feeling like low and mid-90s, as well. the combination of the heat and humidity. eastern shore temperatures there are in the upper 80s to near 90 and even right at the beaches. those temperatures there are around 85 to 90 degrees. but relife in the water. if you take a dip, water temperatures still in the 60s. here's a view from space and it does show a mostly clear sky and a deep area of high pressure that is over our region and this is with us here as we go over the next 48 hours. futurecast shows these little areas of colors and showers and storms around the great lakes liter today, but, here, we will stay steamy and maybe a few storms popping up late tomorrow afternoon. there's a slight chance of that, some brief passing thundershowers late in the afternoon, early evening tomorrow, but then as we get into friday, we'll have a front from the upper midwest beginning to sag down over our region. as
's not much left here. here it is in western frederick county, over toward culpepper with light showers and that is it. your temperatures, they're still muggy. 77 in annapolis to 66 in hagerstown. angie goff, it is tuesday morning. how is it looking? >> we still have that yellow light on. because we're dealing with crash activity out near the annapolis area. let's take you there over to our real time graphics we go. 50 headed eastbound, want to let you know between route 70 and also route 2. that's where we have the crash activity involving a fuel spill. crews trying to clean up the roadway. we know that one right lane of traffic is able to get by. this after only the shoulder was able to get by for the last couple of hours. that will probably help alleviate that congestion we were seeing. let's move it over to virginia. 66 approaching the capital beltway if you're traveling eastbound. more crash activity is adding to the delay between nutley over to 495. speaking of the beltway, the outer loop, we have a new wreck to tell you about. this one approaching the mixing bowl here. obviously
't see the blazing heat like today. culpepper, you may be near 100. angie? >> all right, thank you, howard. hello, everybody. so glad you could join us. we're about a minute after the 5:00 hour. so far, so good across the viewing area. green light stays on. we zoom into the outer loop north of the district moving aside, live conditions between 95 and 270 reveal smooth sailing. everyone is moving at speed. back over to the maps, this time, we'll move it on up. 27 0, we're tracking the southbound trip. everything appears to be clear out of frederick past 109 down to the lane divide. as for your travel times, good morning, virginia. 66 headed eastbound to 495, only about 11 minutes. no problems to report on 267, the dulles toll road. the inner loop itself and 395 up to 267 moving at a great pace. still ahead, a look at the bw parkway. i'll have that at 5:09. back to you. >> just after 5:00 a.m., it is already 80 degrees and a little bit over in some places. >> we'll be skyrocketing toward triple digits once the sun rises. surae chinn has more on the heat alert day live in dupont circl
for the shenandoah valley. leesburg still 75. culpepper 70 there. is the touch of fog in one or two spots. especially the areas that had the storms. last night like in -- right here in the metro, montgomery county came in from hagerstown. showers moved up the shenandoah valley. few more well off to the south and west. we're looking at high temperatures today, check them out. upper 80s to lower 90s in d.c. around 91 here. perhaps 90 up toward martinsburg. it is now 4:30. timesaver traffic. >> thank you, howard. we're looking at the green light right now overall, nothing major to tell you about. the inner loop car fire is in the clearing stages off to the shoulder between university and 29 colesville road. moving over to some construction, 95, you're going to find it in both directions at powder mill. on interstate 270, we're all clear from 109 down to the split. in virginia, 66 headed eastbound. no problems from centreville to the capital beltway. westbound construction holding steady. 95 headed northbound, we're ok from triangle up to dale city. still ahead, a look at 267, the dulles toll road, mike
, those are those little patches of blue. right now in culpepper county, rappahannock county and then across the blue ridge into warren, parts of clark county, they're getting a few sprinkles there. northern shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia. these are advancing off to the northeast, along a warm front. and those will continue to track toward montgomery county and bethesda as we get into the next couple of hours. so the very first rounds may have a few sprinkles. but i don't think it's going to stop play. right now we're in the upper 50s in much of the region to near 60 degrees. right in washington, we're in the mid to upper 60s. mid 60s right around the bay. and on the eastern shore, temperatures there are in the 50s. now, these sprinkles associated with a weak warm front coming through and it will continue to slowly drift our way. right now a mostly cloudy sky over the capitol and the washington monument. and we'll have our sunrise at 5:42. so maybe just a few sprinkles this morning. a little sun through high clouds and we'll have temperatures near 70 by nine. b
. back toward culpepper, another batch of storms that moved across the district and areas south and southwest and then by 2:00, yet another cluster of storms which have been coming across the region and this morning, things are really quieting down. we do have some light sprinkles left here off to the north and east. southeast of 95 and in the bay. but things are really weakening very, very quickly. some of this isn't even real. you may see a few light sprinkles there. out in the bay approaching the lower eastern shore, about the heaviest thing we're seeing here over some of the marsh areas north and west of wingate. things are quieting down rather quickly. temperatures are running in the mid-70s south in fredericksburg and pax river. gaithersburg and winchester, have fallen into the upper 60s. culpepper at 72 degrees. with a little bit more tolerable 76. documents yesterday were in the mid-70s. upper 60s now. that's a sign things are getting a tad more comfortable. while things will be relatively quiet at 8:00, we'll get through the middle of the day. we may start to see a show
in winchester, 73 degrees. culpepper you're cooler at 64 degrees this morning. so, much better as you're stepping outside heading out to work or school. currently, 76. clouds should be clearing out. dew point of 52. when we see those in the 50s, you know the humidity is a lot better. here's a look at the national picture. again, it is in the middle part of the country in the plains around kansas, nebraska. we're still seeing thunderstorm watch boxes and tornado warnings as well in the last several hours. we saw some severe weather go through our area yesterday. all cleared out. we're looking at lots of sunshine today. the breeze out of the northwest allowing us to be less humid. highs for today, no 90s, no 100s, around 86 for d.c. lower 80s for martinsburg. hagerstown around upper 70s. culpepper warming up to 88 degrees. still a little bit above average. a big improvement compared to the last few days. breezy today around 86. tomorrow, cooler around lower 80s. fantastic for your day. great way to end the work week. on saturday, we warm back up but upper 80s. a chance for some thunders
station. your 50s from culpepper and gaithersburg and cumberland is at 55. here in d.c., reagan national still holding on to 68 with a northwesterly wind though at 14 miles per hour. it is a little breezy at the moment. dew point down to 50. remember last week when that number was in the 70s. gross it felt outside with all of the heat and humidity. showers and isolated storms here in the northeast. that's our problem for today. in the midwest, look at these storms here from st. louis out toward des moines moving southeast. that won't be a problem until thursday. that's thursday's issue. first thing's first. we start fine today. we'll go through midday. we'll be all right. pennsylvania here, by noon, notice the showers starting to develop here along i-80. that will rotate down across by mid to late afternoon. we'll have spotty showers here. going into philly and up to new york, ac today, you'll run into a couple of the showers from time to time. tonight, lose the sunshine. lose the heating, lose the showers for the most part. tomorrow morning, a spotty or isolated shower southern maryland
. right now, they're 64. we're also 66 in culpepper. on the flip side, lou ann in annapolis is 73. 68 in fredericksburg and easton is 70. here in washington this morning, we're down to 72. that's as cool as we've been all night. winds are calm. but the humidity is high at 84%. that humidity, you're going to feel it all day. yesterday, we talked about the ridge being in the middle of the country. the storms are going up and over. you can see the main storms, the jet has moved up toward canada, southern canada and taken a dive here. new york state and pennsylvania but now it is north and east of us. unlike yesterday when the storms came this way, today they're going to go this way if they hold together at all. we're more under that ridge and that's why temperatures instead of the 90 on monday afternoon we'll be pushing the upper 90s to near 100 today and tomorrow. isolated storms can't be ruled out out across parts of the i- 81 corridor. the rest of us stay dry. quiet tonight. except for the mugginess. tomorrow morning, some storms in ohio, indianapolis, even pennsylvania start to make
manassas and culpepper. angie is in with the latest timesaver traffic. >> hope you're having a fantastic wednesday already. we're looking at the green light to start things off this 5:00 hour. let's zoom on in and show you the outer loop. beltway watch reveals that drivers, they're still moving at speed. that's what the green cars tell us from 95 to 270. outside, we'll move it to the cameras. your live continue near 193, university boulevard. inner loop is doing fine as well. moving back over to the graphic, this time, 270, that's our focus. we want to take you there. show you that that southbound trip out of urbana, not congested just yet. outside, this is what we're finding. no construction. pretty much an issue for your drive. as you make your way through germantown all the way down toward the lane divide. we're tracking travel times in virginia. the inner loop, it looks like drivers are making their way from 395 all the way up to 66. it looks like we're moving at speeds, looking bat 13 minutes there. the dulles toll road not doing so bad approaching the capital beltway. all of that
for leesburg. 54 in culpepper. 50 martinsburg. 49 in cumberland. you'll want a jacket for tomorrow morning. you'll definitely feel the difference. here is your next three days. breezy for today. high around mid-80s, lots of sun. no threat for showers or thunderstorms. on friday, looking nice. 82 degrees. we're still cool and through friday. then you can see we're going to warm back up over the weekend in the upper 80s for saturday. we do have a slight chance for some isolated thunderstorms saturday and sunday. but you can see warm through sunday in the upper 80s then monday looks pretty good. we're back into the lower 80s. things looking pretty good here. no record breaking heat the next several days. enjoy this little break that we've got. all right. i'm out here on the weather terrace where it is now time for our pet line here. you've got a little kitty here. >> she's a beautiful kitty. this is zina. she's a spayed female. she's looking for her forever home. >> she's 10. that's not super active. ok to be around children and older adults? >> she's very well -- well, she's a little active right
fredericksburg is 95. along with tappahannock, culpepper, it is 94 in southern maryland. 93 in easton. 97 over in salisbury and ocean city. our heat index, 103 here. in some spots pushing 105, 108 already. amazing with these dew points at 70, one thing when you've got a 70 degree dew point, the air is more moist. it is more difficult to heat because it takes more energy. we're already 96 and as you look at the national map, that 96 is the hottest temperature on the board. it is 46 in great falls. chicago is in the lower 50s. there is hope. this is the light at the end of the tunnel with a front out there. the showers and storms, we show you the video from madison, that's sunk south of chicago. this front here lining up east to west will eventually get closer to us. new, severe thunderstorm watch has been issued across pennsylvania up through new england for the afternoon. but around here, we still have in ridge of high pressure pushing the storms more east and southeast. for us, the best of the storms, it won't be here, the cooling storms won't be here until perhaps tomorrow and into the weeke
and hagerstown, winchester more of the same and culpepper. the dew points will go up as the humidity will increase going throughout the day. especially tomorrow and the day after that. satellite and radar picking up on what's going on. things looking good. lots of sunshine moving in. but we are going to watch for the cluster of thunderstorms to die to the south and east. western maryland can get in on thunderstorms activity as we go into the afternoon. high pressure in control of our weather for the most part going to sag to the south. and once it does, we are going to see the upper level ridge build in across the area. but we will see plenty of sunshine for the next several days. today that, temperature coming in right around 90 degrees. we have plenty of sunshine. and i will say mostly sunny to partly cloudy. there we go with the air called,air quality, the code orange. we will have a few clouds and it will be a little bit on the balmy side and things will get hotter going into tomorrow with the temperature coming in right around 96 degrees with the heat index right around 100. >>
national. oxon hill, 75. springfield too at 75. 70 in potomac. look at culpepper, 64, 63 in la plata. so cooling down in many locations. going to get to a high temperature today, just 86 degrees, down from yesterday's record high of 98. 86 today by noontime we should be at 84 degrees. clouds out there right now. we're going to see the clouds move out of here, high pressure moves in. by 5:00 p.m. 83 for a temperature. the other thing today is you're going to notice the wind picking up. it will be gusty today. winds out of the west/northwest at 30 mile-per-hours. 7:00 p.m., 78 degrees, folks, it's been almost two weeks since we've had temperatures in the 50s. that's what we're going to be in the overnight period and by tomorrow morning. quite refreshing and a big change head ed our way. let's go ahead and get a look at traffic now. >>> let's start with a look at 109 and 270 where traffic moves smoothly. southbound, 270, a live look as you pass the exit for 109. all the way to the beltway. good shape there. over to springfield, everything is open. they were clearing the construction. southb
again. near 80s for dc. 75 in leesburg. low to mid-70s for hagerstown and martinsburg. culpepper, you can make it to 80 degrees. all right, here is your seven- day outlook. tomorrow is friday, bring out the flags if you've got them. breezy highs in the near 80s. the same as wednesday. a slight chance for some scattered showers. thursday and friday morning, back up into the mid-80s with the warm front that comes flu. and also a bit with that, the area of the low pressure could bring us some showers, maybe some thunderstorms starting on thursday and friday. and as of now, we know that the weekend looks good. mid to upper 80s and dry for now. >> i'll tell you who loves these temperatures, but golfers, they love these temperatures. brett is live at congressional country club in bethesda where he is loving these temperatures too. >> reporter: if it stays like this all week we will be very happy, lesli. we got a taste of big-time golf when tiger started coming in '07, but this u.s. open deal is a completely different animal. players are out on the course today, trying to get a feel for this
. it is 91 at the tappahannock airport. mid to upper 80s in the shenandoah valley. even culpepper at 88 degrees. with a heat index, hey, this is a lot better than yesterday. heat index in the upper 90s south. only 91. you'll recall heat index was about 102, 103. it is a tough one, not as bad. sunshine, calm winds, 89 feeling like 91. this number has dropped a lot even though it is sticky and muggy. it was like 74 yesterday morning. now, it is 66. i think the number will slowly drop off over the weekend and so will temperatures especially by monday and tuesday. minneapolis at 55. chicago, is 61. 90 in nashville and raleigh. there is a front off to our north and west. the upper level winds parallelling the front now. a slow trek across areas through the great lakes. you see some of the storms here. most of them, the heavy, heavy stuff, more of a shot hitting ohio and pennsylvania, new york. notice how they extend down into kentucky and west virginia. the future cast taking those off to the east. by 5:00, the shenandoah valley up toward parts of northern virginia, not far from the metro, s
on this tuesday. tuesday. temperatures are running in the 50s in a couple of spots like manassas and culpepper. with the cooler temperatures, we're seeing just a touch of fog like yesterday morning out of the mountains of petersburg, west virginia. here are today's forecast highs. perhaps staying in the 80s along the bay. most of us will be into the low 90s and that's going to feel good compared to tomorrow and thursday. angie? >> that hurts, howard. thank you. >>> the time is 4:26. we've got the yellow light on because early on, we're dealing with this car fire out on westbound route 198 on the ramp to go southbound in the laurel area. on the inner loop, we're still dealing with a little bit of construction in maryland from colesville over to new hampshire avenue and it is taking away -- it is only letting the left lane get by. southbound u.s. 29 between georgia and fenton, we have on- going roadwork here. they're trying to clear that out of the way. still ahead, more cones to keep an eye out for. we'll have that at 4:31. mike, andrea? >> thank you, angie. here are stories we're following for
at the temperatures. in the 60s here. low and mid-60s. manassas, culpepper. 58 right now up in hagerstown, maryland. richmond, 66. 68 in roanoke. this is some of the coolest air, folks, in more than a week, almost two weeks around here. high temperatures 80 to 82 degrees in d.c.f. you're krafling. 79 in philadelphia. 78 in new york. they're loving that cooldown. down south, still hanging out around 90 degrees in north carolina and south carolina too. what's going on is that area of high pressure that was over us yesterday still right over us but starting to make its way eastward. and as it does make its way eastward there is a weak weather front that's going to start to move in. so today we're fine. just high clouds moving in. tomorrow we'll see a few more clouds. by sunday, maybe a shower passing through the area. maybe even a thunderstorm. high pressure moving away. part of that system for saturday. still delightful and a really nice weekend. mainly dry for the whole weekend. afternoon, sunny and nice. fantastic with low humidity. we were in the upper 80s yesterday. low 80s today with a northwest
to the northeast at 15 miles an hour. you may see that in winchester, front royal, culpepper about to get some of that activity and it should weaken to the north and east. but showers definitely possible for you living south and west of the city. over to the satellite and radar, you can watch it in motion. the storlz creeping down to produce the lightning, this new batch moving in a completely different direction towards the northeast toward the city. these will weaken out and some of the clouds will be around in the morning, and we could still have showers and isolated thunderstorms later tonight to the south and west. it's an active pattern. we have an area of low pressure driving the cold front slowly toward us. this front will move up into the northeast. we had 46 tornados yesterday across nebraska, kansas and iowa, just a few reported tonight, and a lot of heat on the map. raleigh was 95 degrees, 87 for detroit, building a lot of heat in the middle part of the country and our heat pump has set up shop just to the south so even at this hour we're still close to 80 degrees. 79 in the city,
in the 70s tomorrow. 85 in cumberland. 86 in hagerstown. 87 in winchester. 91 in culpepper. upper 80s in leesburg and fairfax. and downtown, 89. 89 in gaithersburg. go down into southern maryland through charles county. and upper 80s to the near 90s. upper 80s to the bare. not much wind. so no advisories for the bay or potomac on friday. all right, your next seven days. again, once the heat gets here, it will stay for a while. 92 on saturday, not crazy humid though. maybe an isolated storm. on the 4th, we'll back down temperatures to 93. hope that feels refreshing. and we're looking at temperatures holding in the 90s on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. the best chance of the storms are actually on that seven-day forecast that will be on tuesday. >> some hot stuff ahead. >> yes. >> could we be talking about another lockout? what is going on? >> we're running out of sports that are actually still playing. another one will be biting the dust tomorrow. if you think that the nfl players and owners are tore apart, they are singing sweet harmony compared to the nba. why this lockout might b
and see what pops later on. 88 in culpepper. the tappahannock airport, 90. 86 for both newland and reedville. winchester and hagerstown holding in the lower 80s. heat index like 88. all wrapping around this storm up in southern minnesota. on the tail end of this, look at the thunderstorms here. houston, up toward monroe, louisiana. yesterday, the storms are coming from ohio moving southeast. today, everything is coming in from the southwest. whatever developed in virginia or in the mountains by us, we'll watch it. by 4:00, shower or two to our north and west and south. computer doesn't develop too much. i think this may be underdoing it. you get the idea we'll have the waves of showers and storms tonight. again on thursday. again on friday. this pattern is locked in. it may not change until perhaps sunday. 90 today. 92 tomorrow. we'll have a chance of storms overnight as well. nighttime lows for the most part, 70, 75. some kind of sticky out there. even saturday as we start the barbecue battle. safeway barbecue battle. topper shutt will be down there this weekend. sunday lookin
in easton. 55 in oakland in garrett county. culpepper, hagerstown in the upper 60s. here in d.c., 75. look at the temperatures locally. manassas is 68. winds have turned at dulles. 73 andrews. 72 columbia and here in washington, 75 and again, the winds have started to turn from southwest to west and now northwest. that front is coming through. humidity 82%. we'll watch the dew point this morning. that thing is going to drop and you'll know the air will be a lot nicer when you step outside when you see the numbers dipping down into the 50s. big picture, got the clear skies here in the midwest. that's our weather for the next couple of days. got arlene. yes, tropical storm arlene with winds of 40 miles per hour. that's developed here in the southern gulf of mexico. traveling off toward the west, the first storm of the season, hurricane season began june 1st. meanwhile, the frontal boundary through eastern north carolina pushing through eastern new england. behind it as we were talking about, the nice, drier air moving in and that will be the key for the next couple of days. even the future c
, 86 degrees. 81 for winchester. culpepper warming up into the upper 80s. here is your next three days. we'll cool down more on friday. friday looks fantastic. mostly sunny. no worries for storms or rain. 82 degrees. on saturday, we warm back up into the upper 80s, a chance for some afternoon evening thunderstorms. here's your seven-day outlook. i got the pink ribbon for the race for the cure. a lot of runners getting ready for that. the morning should be ok. we're warming up and then the weekend, we finish off into the upper 80s, the chance for some thunderstorms. here's angie with your traffic. good morning. >> good morning, anny. thank you very much. >> 20 minutes after the 6:00 hour. yellow light. we turn it on because we're dealing with a new accident to tell you about. this is southbound 270. i'll step out of the way. it is kind of back here in this area. it is hard to see. it is near the montgomery village exit. it is taking away part of the shoulder. your traffic is slowly getting by through the middle. once you get past this point, you get a break in the delay and things start
virginia back to a quarter mile. culpepper has been bouncing from around half-mile to two miles. one half in haze and three miles. cambridge also by the way. reported quarter mile visibility. 68 at reagan national. the south-southwesterly wind at 7. that's a warm direction for us. as you look at temperatures out to the west, there is a ridge in the upper levels of the atmosphere. temps in kc, little rock, 74. minneapolis. right now. 80 degrees at this hour. that's where the heat is. the storms going up and over the ridge here. up toward the canadian border. coming out of toronto look how these things are diving off to the south through ontario toward ohio and pennsylvania. this stuff is going to weaken. we may see some of the clouds from that. we get enough clouds, that may keep a slight lid on the temperatures today. it will be on the warm to hot side. 91. call it mostly sunny. we may have to watch the high clouds though. tomorrow and thursday, mid to upper 90s. it is going to be hot. better chance tomorrow will be north and west. maybe more areawide thursday. by the weekend, not as hot
degrees in washington with 73 at fredericksburg and culpepper. it feels like 82 because the dew points are in the 70s. this is what it feels like usually down in new orleans or houston this time of year. not washington. look at all of the showers and storms. this lines up ahead of a front. they're moving east. that's going to change because late today, as this front moves east, some of the showers and storms will start to form and move off toward the east and the southeast. by 5:00, off to the north and west near ohio, potentially storms through cumberland. by midnight, showers and storms pushing across the region and with that front nearby tomorrow, we'll have some scattered showers and storms as well. today, 98. storms probably after dark. maybe north and west we'll see one. tomorrow, an afternoon storm, 92. saturday, showers and storms in the upper 80s. we'll be in the upper 80s on sub with scat erred showers and -- on sunday with scattered showers and storms. nice monday and tuesday. 82. that flag is for flag day next tuesday. angie goff is in with your latest timesaver traffic. >
falls, even blainesburg currently at 90 degrees. down in virginia, culpepper right now at 91 degrees, and fredericksburg, virginia also at 0 degrees, as is frederick maryland and winchester. the western portion of our area, we're up to 90 degrees, look at the dewpoint temperatures. 70 degrees and higher. any time you get that number over 70, we're into the very humid zone, and for tomorrow, we are going to be there again. in fact, tomorrow high humidity, and even higher temperatures are expected. as we take a look at live digital doppler, showers and storms to the south of us, these are headed off to the east, those will be approaching areas like green county in the next couple minutes, right along i-64. we're likely to see a few more storms filling in here, as we get late into the evening. there will be just a few neighborhoods getting wet. temperature by 9:00, down to 70 degrees. the high heat coming up in the next several days. >>> it will be harder to ignore the dangers of smoking by the end of the year. starting in october, new cigarette labels will graphically depict the negati
like we're around 80. culpepper down to zero mile visibility. just over a mile in manassas, two in sterling. radar is quiet. starting at 1:00 today, there it is, showers and even thunderstorms moving in and moving through, most of which between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. we'll clear out with less humid air. today, 94 to 97. feeling like we're over 100. fur-day forecast, sunshine tomorrow. absolutely delightful. >>> chopper 4, howard county, i-95. northbound and southbound looking good. no incidents to report. virginia, loading up quickly on 395 northbound just before you get to edsell road. picks up very briefly at the 14th street bridge. one more stop. see how we're doing here. i-95 northbound and southbound moving along nicely. headed out to catch a train, good to go. metro, vre, marc, no delays. gentlemen? >> thanks, jerry. >> what sarah palin and donald trump did and did not talk about during a meeting over a slice of pizza. navigating today's real estate market is complicated. you've seen the signs. that's why having the right real estate agent is more important than ever. at remax
, morningside, 60 degrees. cool one, la plata and culpepper. frederick, tmaryland, starting out between 50 and 55 degrees. high temperature of 82 degrees. by 9:00, 70. by noon time, 77 degrees. going up to a high of 82. overnight, back down into the 50s. steve? >> veronica, we had an accident on route 5, surratts road. there's still accident activity on the side of the roadway but you can get by with the roadway open. the road is now reopened. head over to i-95 near fairfax county parkway in virginia. everything moving smoothly through there. inner loop at route 7, a report of an accident. back to you. >> all right, steve. thanks. >> 65 degrees, 5:12. it is not a sit-in or even a stand-in. protesters are being told to strap on their dancing shoes again >> plus, why no charges will be filed in the death of a man outside a d.c. nightclub. outs[ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage. [ whistle blows ] all right, layups, guys. let's go. in sioux falls, i locked in a rate. coach, you get that house yet? working on it. [ coach ] the appraisal? ...springfield. wherever i was, my c
, maryland. in virginia and rappahannock and culpepper. temperatures in the 60s to near 70 in the rural areas. closer to washington in the nearby suburbs in montgomery county, arlington, prince george's county near 70. upper 60s much of fairfax county. near the bay, mid and upper 70s. there's that summer haze. the thick humidity is with us. by 9:00, we'll be near 80 degrees. little sunshine breaking out. we'll stay humid into the afternoon. we'll peak near 90 by midafternoon. and then late afternoon, likely some scattered thunderstorms popping up. those will likely move on through, through the rest of the evening, as a cool front sweeps through the region. only a small chance that an isolated storm would produce any wind damage or hail. and the storms should be done by midnight. after that, lower humidity moves in. a beautiful pattern setting up for the rest of the work week. we'll look at that and the holiday weekend in ten minutes. let's check traffic now. danella sealock, how's it looking? >>> right now your right lane is still blocked on 50 eastbound right between route 70 and route 450,
and baltimore. also down toward culpepper. but when you factor in the humidity, which is still pretty off the charts, we still have some triple digit heat indices out there, fredericksburg, a hundred for culpepper. feels like 97 down there at the gnats stadium. a lot of the fans toughening out the steam bath tonight, but looks like for the most part, we'll be lucky in the storm department. keep the storms going until 9 or 10:00. staying humid, 72 degrees overnight. tomorrow morning clouds, maybe some showers especially across maryland, and a scattered afternoon thunderstorms. a very similar day, about 90. the only difference is better coverage in the afternoon of storms. eight in the morning, mostly cloudy, maybe a shower in maryland, 76 degrees. by noon breaks in the sun. if we get a lot of sun, firing up widespread showers and thunderstorms, which is what we'll continue to watch. here's your. on friday keeping the storms in the forecast at 88 degrees. the front will travel on through. on saturday while there might be an isolated storm, i think it will be a noticeable break in the humidi
. this morning, everything has fallen apart and fizzled. temperatures dropped in the 60s. culpepper is at 70. visibility down to about 3/4 of a mile. down in southern maryland, lower 70s. eseton, 70. reagan national at 75 with a 69 from fort belvoir. dpaitersburg -- gaithersburg enjoying 76. partly to mostly cloudy at national. with a 75. light winds out of the southwest at 7. our dew point, not in the 70s. back in the upper 60s. it is muggy but not oppressive. look at chicago and detroit. in the 50s here. there is a front up to the north and west which will take its time to get here. that will happen probably saturday night into sunday. with that front around, the threat of showers and storms will be around as well. 92 today. spotty storms this afternoon. tomorrow, scattered showers and storms. 85 to 90. fewer storms monday. as we head toward monday and tuesday, gorgeous! low 80s. temperatures will start to rebound wednesday into thursday and by thursday, could be a storm back toward 90 degrees. it is time for kris sneed in for angie with your timesaver traffic. >> good morning, howard. jus
for gaithersburg. culpepper is 57. 40s, 45 degrees in oakland. montgomery county, 55 northern part of the county. reston and fairfax are at 59. sterling at 56 this morning. 58 down at fort belvoir. 56 in baden. there in southeastern prince george's county and college park, 63. columbia, you're at 59. a very nice start with a good deal of sunshine and a north- northwesterly wind. right at 14 miles per hour. our dew point now in the 40s out there. a gorgeous start. while we're looking good now, there is a disturbance spinning up here across new england. that's going to help pull down a weak piece of energy that by midday, will touch up some showers here in central pennsylvania. the showers will continue to move off toward the south. by mid to late afternoon, here we are at 5:00, the spotty showers that we'll be dealing with further to the south. fewer shower chance. by tomorrow morning, other than an isolated shower. well off south and east, we'll be all quiet for your wednesday. wednesday looks good. but our attention now will go out to the west where this piece of energy is moving east and by th
and culpepper. warrenton, winchester at 52. some 60s in extreme southern maryland and also at annapolis where we're hearing even in calvert county, some of the reports coming in the upper 50s this morning. 60 degrees with a couple of clouds out there. a north-northwesterly wind at 12 miles per hour. that's reagan national. many areas seeing winds much lighter than that. the dew points are dipping into the upper 40s. watch the number as we head into the weekend. they'll jump back into the 60s more than likely because of what's happening in the middle of the country. storm system producing showers and storms. iowa into illinois. you can see one severe thunderstorm watch box down in southern missouri this morning. all of that is moving east toward us. we're going to be dealing with that tomorrow into parts of friday as well. but today, high pressure is going to come down. give us a good day. kind of hold that stuff away. heat it up a little bit. that storm system is still there. tonight at midnight, we're still clear. here come the clouds by tomorrow morning. tomorrow, we start dry. showers will st
. washington good afternoon to you, you're at 89. 89 degrees also in hernden. already 101 in culpepper, virginia. fredericksburg at 105. intense heat out there and we're dealing with temperatures today in the 90s until about 5:00. we have several hours to go, but later today, barbara, we can get intense storms and we could have severe weather around the area between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. we'll look at the cool down coming up. >> thank you very much. we'll see you in a few minutes. >>> d.c. trash and recycling crews woke up early this morning picking up trash earlier than usual to avoid the extreme heat today. the department of public works wants to protect the health of its workers. if you've been outside, you know it is a scorcher out there already. these hot temperatures and high humidity can be life threatening. >>> emergency responders are concerned about getting to calls because of fewer ambulances right now. the d.c. firefighter association says half a dozen of its ambulance units are in the shop for repairs. that's about 28% of the total fleet of 25. the firefighters' association s
and annapolis around lower 80s. culpepper you're warming up to like it cooler, less humid weather. you're going to love friday. look at that. 82 degrees right around average. really nice. lots of sunshine. saturday a little warmer in the upper 80s. a chance for some thunderstorms. also saturday morning is the race for the cure. so, the morning looks pretty good here. here is your seven-day outlook. we'll stay in the upper 80s on sunday. a slight chance for thunderstorms monday. 83. tuesday, wednesday, warming up to the 90s by middle of the work week. a chance for some thunderstorms tuesday and wednesday. but overall here, the next several days looks pretty good. here's angie with your traffic. >> good morning. thank you, anny. we're going to keep the green light on because there are no major accidents. but i do want to put you on alert about what's going on in northeast. we still have crews out there working that power outage. we still have intersections that are dark. specifically on first street between l and m. we have police out there right now directing traffic so just good reason to use c
hail near culpepper and even some thunderstorm wind damage knocked trees down in fauquier county. let's take a look at our day planner. the drier air is moving in. the sunshine will be out all day. mostly sunny. mid-80s at 5:00. we've got code green air for late june. that's a neat thing. right now, cloudy skies. last night, the storms very powerful at 8:00. had some in montgomery and howard county. look at the ones down south. the ones down south, one batch and another batch overnight. this morning, lingering clouds still out there. they'll be leaving. temperatures in the 50s in garrett county. 60s in cumberland. we're still at 75. angie goff stepping in for you with timesaver traffic. >> hope you're off to a great start. so glad you could join us early. we begin with the green light. let's take it over to 95 in virginia. so far, so good no problem out of dumfries as drivers make their way out toward the mixing bowl. continuing on to 395, you only have the on-going construction project at the bridge. the inner loop in virginia, your roadwork is holding steady at the mixing bowl. you'
we have a couple of sprinkles here in eastern culpepper county and just east of fredericksburg. these are drifting off to the north/northeast. a lot of cloudiness around the region. under the clouds, they've been acting like a blanket holding in some of the heat from yesterday where it's still in the mid and upper 70s throughout much of the reege. near 80 right by the bay. west of the blue ridge, temperatures there are in the low and mid 70s. out in western maryland, and parts of northern west virginia, to the upper 60s, eastern shore now in the mid 70s. and over the last 12 hours we've had this continuing flow coming in out of the southwest pap that's due to high pressure anchored off the atlantic sea board. that combined with lows over southern canada, giving us this flow out of the south. and as a result we're going to stay humid today. there's the live picture from our city camera. by 9:00 we'll be right around 80 degrees and still cloudy. and rather humid throughout the rest of the day. a little sun may break out midday and during the afternoon. and then late afternoon, ea
index at this hour feels like 94 degrees at 11:00, if you can believe that. 86 in culpepper and 89 degrees in hagerstown. so i hope you have the air going. we did see in rockingham county, west virginia earlier this evening, a little thunderstorm go through. most of the threat is to the north of us. you can see the area shaded in yellow. that's including new york city and parts of the northeast. that's not including the dc metro area but i think we have a chance for strong storms if we see those firing up, and the main threat is being wind gusts and hail, mainly tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. hot and humid tomorrow, one more day of that. some afternoon evening thunderstorm showers are possible. some could be strong thunderstorms, especially in the mountains as we see those firing up, and the weekend does look unsettled. okay. so here's how your future cast looks. this ridge of high pressure will be still in place. we can see some clouds move in, some kum lative clouds developing so maybe some thunderstorms tomorrow evening. i don't think everybody will see them but they
at this time. 60s in the mountain. just a touch of fog out toward culpepper. visibility 3/4. manassas and petersburg, west virginia, down to a mile and a half. a hazy, muggy start. we'll watch out for heat and strong storms later on. it is 4:31. here's angie with a look at weather and timesaver traffic. >> a little jump start to my traffic report. >> not too much going on. that's why we have the green light on to kick things off this wednesday morning. we'll show you that commute on 270, very nice and quiet here from urbana all the way past germantown. continuing over to the maps. route 4, route 5, 301, the clinton brandywine area. no incidents, no real construction to report at this time. 395 drivers, hello, virginia. pretty much smooth sailing from the mixing bowl up to that 14th street bridge. now, before that on 95 headed northbound, no construction to report for drivers in virginia as they make their way out of fredericksburg up to the mixing bowl. however, 267 dulles toll road drivers if you're headed eastbound, this morning we have both ramps closed to the inner loop and the ou
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